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What is Jamu?

If you haven’t been to Indonesia or if you are new to the world of healthy natural drinks, chances are you’ll have no clue what Jamu is! Simply put, Jamu is an elixir of nutritional goodness which provides numerous health benefits. The beverage has a long and rich history, variations of ingredients used, and countless health benefits.

Some people might have discovered Jamu from the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' where Julia Roberts sips on the golden tonic during her world tour adventure in Bali, while others only recently learned about Jamu to boost their immunity after COVID-19 forever changes the way we live. Sounds like a lot to be discovered? Don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know — soon you’ll realize that you’ve missed out on a lot!

History of Jamu

Jamu originated from Indonesia, and it is believed to have existed over 1,300 years ago in the Mataram Kingdom. Throughout history, Jamu was used as a herbal medicine made from natural products such as leaves, flowers, roots, and fruits. People would create Jamu by grinding the raw ingredients with a mortar and pestle and the extract would soon become the magical potion we speak of. The healing effects of Jamu were so remarkable that it became a point of interest for many European physicians who came to Indonesia to study Jamu.

Core ingredients and Health Benefits

There are numerous recipes for Jamu, as different recipes are passed down from generation to generation and are not written down. Each unique Jamu offers different additional health benefits, such as reducing joint pains and preventing a flu. However, the core ingredients found in all variations of Jamu include ginger roots and turmeric (which has many purposes such as giving curry its golden color or even as spa products for the skin). There are a vast array of health benefits provided from turmeric roots, namely its anti-inflammatory effects and its strong antioxidant properties. Similarly, there are also plenty of health benefits that can be gained from ginger roots such as relieving pain and nausea.

Can Jamu be taken everyday?

The most popular forms of Jamu are herbal medicines and ready-to-drink beverages. As a beverage, Jamu can be consumed daily because all the ingredients are natural without any forms of antibiotics. However, just like regular fruit juices or food, as well as anything in life, moderation is key. Anything too much is never good.

We understand that the key ingredients of Jamu may intimidate some people due to the tangy taste of herbs and spices, which is why Jamulogy is here to deconstruct that stereotype. At Jamulogy, we experimented with over 100 different recipes before we could deliver the best-tasting Jamu menus to you while adding onto the excellent health benefits traditional Jamu provide, making us the first fusion Jamu maker in the world! The extra components added to Jamulogy’s nutritional goodies include apple cider vinegar, honey, cloves, tamarind and so much more, making our Jamu both tasty and highly nutritious.

For more information on our Jamu products, head over to our product page!

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